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Server Shutting down due to Excess Temperature

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Server Shutting down due to Excess Temperature

Hey Guys,

We got a couple of brand new out of the box DL 380 Gen 9 servers.

One of them though has some over heating issue.

In the HP Integrated Log I Can see the following. 


Automatic Operating System Shutdown intiated due to Overheat condition.

System Overheating (Temperature Sensor 1, Location Ambient, Temperature 56 C)


Though when the system reboots I  can see an ambient Inlet temperature of around 18-20 Always.

Sometimes it comes up, sometimes it keeps rebooting possibly due to the temperature issue.

I have tested the FANs and the Diagnostics dont show any error. I also updated all firmware through SSP.

My gut feeling is that ther emay be an issue with Sensor 1, 

Any idea where that would be located in the server? Any clue what could be the issue ?

Suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.