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Server Trashes USB Drive

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Server Trashes USB Drive

I am trying to restore data from a backup set to another folder as the link to the original location has been lost due to some hardware work we had done. I connected a Freecom 2Tb USB drive to the server (Proliant DL380 G6) and the data seemed to restore to it OK. However, when I tried to access the folders I could not and thinking it was a Windows Explorer issue I removed the drive and connected it to a computer - it registered as a USB drive but would not show in explorer. Further checks revealed that is was showing as a USB to Serial ATA Bridge and not as a 'drive'. Connecting it back to the server showed no change so I tried another Seagate drive with the same result, not only that but it was a personal drive and is now useless as none of my 'disk recovery' software will touch it to re-format the unit. A Technet document gives some insight into it and it seems to be a Windows backup problem which affects the boot sector, there is a fix using Windows XP but that doesn't help.


Anyone else had this issue and how can I recover the useless drives, any assistance greatly appreciated.





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Re: Server Trashes USB Drive



Update the Server Bios and make sure USB support is enabled in system bios.

try another USB port

open disk mngt and assign drive letter if windows has not automatically assigned.

check the USB controller in device manager and see the status of your device.

could be sometime microsoft USB driver issue so check and update USB driver.


Hope this helps,


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