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Server UUID and serial number reset in ML110 G6

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Server UUID and serial number reset in ML110 G6


Using DMI information such as server UUID or serial number to catalog and/or identify servers, it appears that this information can be reset after a power surge (or sometimes a simple reboot) to the following values:


UUID: 00112233-4455-6677-8899-AABBCCDDEEFF

Serial number: 0123456789


I've seen that about 6 times in different ML110 G6 servers in the last couple of years. I know those can be modified using the setsys utility available here but whenever that happens it's a real pain and admin nightmare for several reasons.


My questions are:

- Is this a known/common issue on those HP servers (or other)?
- Should I use something else for my purpose, or should I consider that those DMI attributes can be reset at any time?


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Re: Server UUID and serial number reset in ML110 G6

Setsys is the utility from HP to re-registar the Server Serial Number and UUID on ProLiant 100 series G5 and G6 Servers.


Any time if there was a system board replaced for hardware reason, then it better to run the utility and update the details, so that you system identification with serail no. and even when you need technical assistance and provide logs for remote troubleshooting based on Server serial number, warrenty and hardware parts would be validated.