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Server after downgrade firmware doesn't work

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Server after downgrade firmware doesn't work


I have HP ProLiant DL 580 G7.

I've installed Windows Server 2016, and found that there are missing network drivers.

Later I found one post, that downgrade firmware may help and downloaded this image:


It was showing that it can downgrade three points, I pressed install and after that server rebooted and nothing happened.

Lamp on the monitor is blinking, seems something happened with drivers.

iLO access I don't know.

Please, help me how can I rollback firmware! Or reset bios.

Also in the front of server on health monitor, I see yellow blinking.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Server after downgrade firmware doesn't work

DL580 G7 Server last Windows version supported is Windows Server 2012 R2.


Another important update, you mentioned you tried to update FW Maintenance V9.30, this version was released in - Version:9.30 (5 May 2011).

Hence any newer verions of firmware might have overwritten, Bios, iLO NIC, and other hardware component.


Try following the steps to get the Server display ON.

Power off the Server.
Clear NVram using dip switch 6, instruction of dip switch and clearing NVram instruction would be available on cabinet cover.

Half pull out / remove the hard drives which has Windows 2016 installed.

Power ON the Server and check if the Server is powering ON and you can see the display in the Post.

If Server gets back the display without any Amber LED.
Try to revert back the Bios firmware to previous ROM version.

update the firmware to newer version - 2018.05.21(A)(11 Jul 2018).

Install the supported Windows version and download the driver and firmware for each Network adaptor module from the HPE driver download page.

Thank you,
I am an HPE Employee