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Server ages

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Server ages

Hi I am trying to find out how old the following types of servers are. Can anyone point me in the direction of this information.
I have tried the various things I found on the internet about decoding the serial number but this is proving difficult. The servers I am interested in are:

ProLiant DL360 G3
ProLiant DL360 G4
ProLiant DL360 G4p
ProLiant DL360 G5
ProLiant DL380 G2
ProLiant DL380 G3
ProLiant DL380 G4
ProLiant DL380 G5
ProLiant ML310 G3
ProLiant ML350
ProLiant ML350 G2
ProLiant ML350 G3
ProLiant ML350 G4
ProLiant ML350 G4p
ProLiant ML350 G5
ProLiant ML370
ProLiant ML370 G2
ProLiant ML370 G3
ProLiant ML370 G4
ProLiant ML530
ProLiant ML530 G2

Any help would be great. Thanks