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Server booting problem

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Server booting problem

I am having Compaq - ML370. I was having BIOS Version - 4.12 and by mistake I downgrade to 4.03A. SO now I am not able to boot my server. It is giving me error like this : Unsupported Processor detected., System Halted.

Can anybody help me out to resolve this problem. My mail id is
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Re: Server booting problem


Have you already tried to update the bios again ( ) Yes... again but with a new diskette.

If you have tried again and the diskette install still does not apply, then do the following:

Power off the server and open the server up.

1. Set configuration switches 1, 4, 5, and 6 on the system maintenance switch block to ON to enable disaster mode.
2. Insert the new bios diskette in the floppy.
3. Power on the server. The keyboard, mouse and monitor are now all inactive.
4. The server will make 2 long beeps, to indicate that it is in Disaster Recovery Mode, and you should insert the ROMPaq diskette.
5. The server reads the diskette for the latest ROM image.
Note: If the diskette is not in place, the system continues to beep until a valid ROMPaq diskette is inserted.
6. The ROMPaq diskette will flash the system ROM.
7. If the flash is sucessful, then the server will issue a series of beeps in an assending order.
8. After successful completion of this process;
a. Power down the server
b. Reset configuration switches 1, 4, 5 and 6
c. Power up the server as usual.

You can use the ProLaint ML370 Maintenance and Service Guide for reference:

Let me know if you don't get the bios re-flashed?
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