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Server cannot boot after firmware update with P212

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Server cannot boot after firmware update with P212

I`ve just installed a perfect-running Smart Array P212 in my server. It comes with 2.72 firmware version.

My server runs vmware ESXi 6.0 and, after perform a firmware update to 6.64 version from this link:

I perform the installation process correctly, bur after it the system asks to perform a reboot. I went out from esxi shell and reboot the server.

But after it the system shows the message:

HP Smart Array P212 Controller      Initializing...   +x+ 

(the rotation mark)

And then it halts. Don`t proceed with the booting process.

I am desperate, because we have some important data in the raid disks.


Please someone help me what can I do to bring the board back to work, please.

Mike Texter
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Re: Server cannot boot after firmware update with P212

I know it doesn't help now, but this is why it's essential to test firmware upgrades in a separate environment first, before doing them in your production environment.

Things I would try:

1.  pull the disks and see if the controller will complete POST with no drives installed.  The disks themselves should preserve their configuration, and if you get the controller back up and running, it should see the original array as long as the configuration wasn't cleared somehow by the firmware update.  I can't imagine this would happen, unless by accident. 

2. Try the disks on another HP SmartArray controller (if you have one), just to make sure your config is still there.  If the disks show up as having no configuration, you may be able to re-create it in the exact same way, but as far as I know most HP controllers will automatically initialize a new array, which would obviously be very bad in this case.

3. Order a new P212 controller from a third party vendor at your original firmware version if possible, and re-install your disks.  Again, assuming someone hasn't accidentally removed the configuration, it should come up as it did before the firmware upgrade.

2.72 to 6.64 sounds like a big jump, I wonder if there was supposed to be a bridge version to jump to first.  HP will have documentation about this, if it's a thing.

Good Luck!

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Re: Server cannot boot after firmware update with P212

This is really upsetting. Not sure how you upgraded the firmware but try booting the server using either a latest SPP (to reinstall the same version) or an older SPP (to force-downgrade to an earlier version). This time you may want to remove the drives and try reinstating the firmware.


SPP can be found at



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Re: Server cannot boot after firmware update with P212

Old thread, but I'm having the exact same issue so hope you don't mind the bump.

Installed SAS controller into my gaming PC since I've run out of SATA ports (I scored this card from an old server).

Detected my WD Red 4TB, but only as a 2TB disk. Drivers automatically installed in Windows 10 much to my surprise and I could initialise the disk.

I figured installing the latest firmware might let me use the full 4TB of storage. Installed the firmware fine, asked me to restart but then the computer gets caught in a boot loop. The only way to make the PC boot was to remove the card. Tried unplugging drive too but no luck.

Similar firmare, I went from 2.x to 6.x