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Server hang and Network access slow

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Server hang and Network access slow

Dear Sir,

In our enviornment there is HP Prolliant ML110 G6 server,OS-Microsoft Windows server 2008 R2-64bit and also there are 4 HDD in it.

We have 12GB physical memory with 3 modules of 4GB ECC DDR3 also i set virtual memory 8000MB.In this scenario we have almost 10000MB free memory while server starts at morning after 22-25 min the free memory would be at 0-zero.

And then whole day server works on page file.

I can not find where the memory is being used in those 22-25 min.

If anyone help me out in this case please suggest any solution.

My server is out of warranty.

Recently i tried to upgrade firmware but at the same i downgrade it by mistake.

Prolliant BIOS : 027

BIOS version : 0270826

BIOS date : 26-08-11

I downgrade above BIOS to dated 29-09-09

Please suggest any solution...



Re: Server hang and Network access slow




It would be recommended to update the firmware of all components of the server to the latest from here. Some components require entitlement for updating them. Use the offline method to do so. Before updating firmware or any software component, ensure there is complete reliable backup of data and server downtime.


Login into the server's iLO and check if there are any hardware related errors.


You may use the Easy Setup CD to run Offline Insight Diagnostics, run it for five loops to check for hardware performance.





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Re: Server hang and Network access slow

@Admin-Network wrote:


Please suggest any solution...


This looks like a memory leak, a software problem, not a hardware problem.

Did you install new applications, drivers, updates,... on the OS?