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Server hidden hard disk viewing and detection

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Server hidden hard disk viewing and detection


有两台工作机,分别是HP ProLiant ML10 与  HP ProLiant ML30 Gen9,两台工作机都是做了双硬盘的,也均是把其中一个硬盘隐藏了起来做备份硬盘。



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At the end of the year, the IT administrator suddenly left the job, but did not submit the server's recent operation record, ask how to query the backup record of the hidden hard disk.

There are two working machines, HP ProLiant ML10 and HP ProLiant ML30 Gen9. Both work machines are dual hard drives, and one of them is hidden as a backup hard drive.

Now I need to query whether the hidden hard disk is in normal operation and how to operate the query in the backup situation. If the main hard disk fails, how to restore the backup hard disk data,

please advise, the younger brother is grateful.


Re: Server hidden hard disk viewing and detection

Hello younger bro,

As you said, there are two hard drives in each server. It is possible that the hard drives are configured in RAID 1 mode which will reflect as single drive to the operating system.

You can reconfirm it from the iLO GUI under storage tab. If it is confirmed as RAID 1 configuration, then the backup i.e. both the hard drives have same data written.

In case if you still have doubts, please share the images from iLO GUI showing the storage information or raise a support ticket with HPE and we would help you.



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