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Server reboots when AC power is restored

Curt Parker
Occasional Contributor

Server reboots when AC power is restored

We have a Proliant ML350 G5 running Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 that reboots unexpectedly. It has 2x250Gb SATA drives in a raid-1 configuration. When the reboots occur it seems to be related to loss of AC power even though we have a sufficient battery UPS.

If we run a self test for the battery backup or there is a loss of AC power Server will run on battery then when AC power is restored it will reboot.

Honored Contributor

Re: Server reboots when AC power is restored


Check the power supply revision levels.

Power supplies with part number 379123-001 and rev 02M or 03M can cause this problem. You will see the information on the PSU label when it is removed. The newer power supplies have part 379124-001 and rev 04M or a completely different rev like 0C,0D.

Get HP to replace if required. The HP spare part number for service calls is 403781-001. Replace all PSU's which are below rev.

I hope this helps.