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Server recognizes only half of memory

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Server recognizes only half of memory

Greetings, we have 8 HP servers Proliant DL 380 G5 with Bios p56 2011.02.05 version (the latest one, as I understand). Now, all servers have 4 1-GB FBDIMMS, which work fine.

Recently we decided to upgrade and purchased memory KTH-XW667LP/8G (according to manufacturer, it is equivalent of 466440-B21 HP/COMPAQ and is fully compatible with this model). I installed two 8GB FBDIMMS in one of the servers, but he sees only half of memory. Instead of 16 Gb it recognizes only 8Gb.

Now, I tried several vaiants:

1. All 4 1-Gb FBDimms (the old one) are placed in banks 1A and 3A, 2C and 4C. The 8Gb FBDIMMS are placed in banks 5B and 7B (according to the guide, this should be fine). The server shows 12 Gb (in BIOS and in RHEL). I.e. it recognizes fully the old memory, but not the new one.

2. The old memory is completely removed for experimental purposes. The 8Gb FBDIMMS are placed in banks 1A and 3 A. The server shows 8 Gb only.

Now, I tried it on three servers with various 8GB FBDIMMS (we bought 10 packs) to make sure, that this is not caused by server damage or memory damage. Nothing helps, the result is the same. I guess, the problem is not in servers and not in memory. There are no BIOS updates that I can install (we have the most recent version). So, what could cause this problem? Maybe I need to switch something inside the server in order to recognize memory? Maybe this is a memory redundancy mechanizm, that can be turned off or what?

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Re: Server recognizes only half of memory

The first thing I would suspect are the memory settings configured in the bios, If you can boot to bios and look under memory configuration , make sure it is set to Advanced ECC and not to mirrored or Interleaving.


Just FYI memory configuration for the server can be found here under memory subsection



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Goutham Sabala
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Re: Server recognizes only half of memory



i think, that the kingston dimms are not really compatible with proliant servers and that's the reason, why those are not recognized.



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Jimmy Vance

Re: Server recognizes only half of memory

From what I found on the Kingston site, everything is working correctly. The memory kit you have is 8GB total and consists of (2) 4GB modules


Search Results for: KTH-XW667LP/8G
Description: 8GB Low Power Kit 
Mfgr's System P/N's: 397415-B21 (HP/Compaq); 466440-B21 (HP/Compaq); EM162AA (2pcs) (HP/Compaq)
Form Factor: Memory Module
Pieces/Unit: 2 (Two 4GB modules, totaling 8GB)


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