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Server shuts down 60 seconds after booting (boot loop)

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Server shuts down 60 seconds after booting (boot loop)

I have a ProLiant ML350e Gen8 server, which I replaced  hard drives, formatted to RAID6,  and installed a fresh copy of Windows Server 2016.  I proceeded to update drivers, and after I was about 1/2 thru, the server started rebooting 60 seconds after every time it starts up.

The display shows "You're about to be signed out. Shutdown requested by iLO" .


Does anyone have an idea on how I can stop the rebooting?

I am not sure if I need to roll back the driver, or what else I can try to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Server shuts down 60 seconds after booting (boot loop)

I saw a similar message running Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 on a HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen9 during an overtemperature period (disks temperature gone over iLO4's threshold setpoint for hours) due to unexpected Air Conditioning's fault...once temperature issue was fixed the shutdown message request shown at OS level (which I manually denied every time) went finally away.

In my case was an automatic way - triggered by true overtemperature observed by iLO4 - to protect disks (and, clearly, other Server's components) from beign damaged...check Event ID on iLO4 and act accordignly.

Is your iLO4 currently running suggested version 2.54?

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Re: Server shuts down 60 seconds after booting (boot loop)

First of all, THANKS for the reply.

I was able to turn off the thermal shutdown feature in setup, which is the only way for me to keep it running long enough to do anything. Then I was able to install updates to iLO4 v2.54. So, for now, not only have the reboots stopped, but the fans have calmed down from their incessant howl.

Maybe tomorrow I iwll get a chance to look at the logs and find out what error was causing the fans to scream. But I am fairly sure the update to iLO was the key.

Thanks again.



Re: Server shuts down 60 seconds after booting (boot loop)

Hello DWade ;

I suggesste you to check in first a log event of ILO ,they are any error ?

After that unplug the conector of SFF box (all disc) and try to run on your server;