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Server stop at Post

Frequent Advisor

Server stop at Post

We have a Bl 460 server connected with external storage. We have some times power failure in our setup. so we want to stop all the servers to automatically power on when the power resumes. We need this becoz when the power comes back the servers are coming up first before external stroage starts. so the server is not able to access the storage volumes properly. so we need a solution to stop the automatic power onn for the blades at at POST screen and to manually boot the storage,
Calvin Staples
Frequent Advisor

Re: Server stop at Post

Look in the OA under enclosure settings. You will find "Device Power Sequence". In here you have three options: 1) Disabled = No delay, 2) Enabled = You can delay the turn on by a number of seconds giving other devices a chance to power up first, or 3) No Poweron = blade does not power up when power is restored.

The second option is great if your doamin controllers are on blades as you can delay everything else from starting until the domain is up.

Hope this helps.