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Server temperature warning email

Davis Van Sant [endsigh
Occasional Visitor

Server temperature warning email

Hey ive been racking my brain here to figure out the BEST way to do this, so maybe someone has done this in the past:

Basically, I need a group of servers (about 4) to send out emails with they reach a certain temperature limit.

We have a client that is having some aircon issues, and they are concerned that their servers are "overheating". I understand from HP that their limits are around 95 degrees, and I hightly doubt that except in the extremes of summer that these servers will ever reach that.

Regardless, they want to receive an email when the servers reach a certain mark, I guess so they are prepared.

All I REALLY need is an event written to the Event Logs, but an email alert would be good as well.

Any thoughts?
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Server temperature warning email

in sim we can configure it.

Prashant S
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