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Server time


Is there a way (SMH or iLo?) to change the time in the BIOS/UEFI on a HP Server without having to shut it down and go in to BIOS/UEFI?



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Re: Server time

Generally, your operating system should have some functions that will allow you to set the time to the system clock.

Usually the system time is maintained in software by the OS, and the BIOS/UEFI hardware clock is used only to get the correct time when the OS starts up. If the OS is configured to sync its time to a time server, then the OS will typically push the correct time (as far as the OS is concerned) to the BIOS/UEFI clock, either regularly or at a normal shutdown.

As a result, the OS is likely to ignore or override any changes made to the BIOS/UEFI clock while the OS is running, unless they are done through the OS's own tools.

If you're using a virtualization hypervisor like VMware ESX or ESXi, the hypervisor should have tools for setting the system time. For VMware, see: