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Server will not shutdown or reboot on command

Phillipe Peralta
Occasional Visitor

Server will not shutdown or reboot on command

I'm looking to find out if anyone has experienced their 460c from shutting down or rebooting. When the server is issued a reboot/shutdown command, it attempts to shutdown. The Windows shutdown window displays and disappears, and it is at that point where the server just hangs. At this point, I have to iLO in and reset the server. Any assistance would be most appreciated.

I've done the following and still no resolve:

-I disabled all HP services.
-Used msconfig.exe with a selective boot.
-Safe mode boot
-I tried shutting down using the shutdown.exe command locally and remotely
-Installed latest HP support pack
-Re-installed Windwos service pack

I've done all the above and still no luck.

Thanks in advance.
Graham Rawolle
Occasional Advisor

Re: Server will not shutdown or reboot on command

Can you still ping the server?

We have had similar problems, we can still ping the server, but Remote Desktop doesn't work any more. We believe it is caused by one of the Symantec products not shutting down (either SAV or LSR, we run both).

We find we can force a restart using the shutdown command with a "/f" switch (f is for force shutdown).
e.g. shutdown /r /t 5 /f /c "restart after patches" /m \\prod-dc1

Graham Rawolle
Phillipe Peralta
Occasional Visitor

Re: Server will not shutdown or reboot on command

I see that you are using LSR. Any chance the server you are having problems with was migrated to different hardware and is SAN attached?

If so, that was the problem for us. There was a MS KB installed by our storage guys that causes the system to hang at shutdown. When I uninstalled the KB, it shutdown with no issues. The KB was KB916048.