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Set Admin password on DL 580 G1 (700-900 MHz)

Phillip Escarciga
Occasional Contributor

Set Admin password on DL 580 G1 (700-900 MHz)

I have a DL 580 G1 which is running Win2K3. I want to set an Admin password to prevent anyone from running Compaqs "System Configuration Utility' (4 - Diskettes). You have to use these disks because the generation 1 doesn't have an embedded system ROM as the G2's. I booted with the software SCU and didn't get the option to set the Admin password. Do I need to do this with another utility?

Thanks in Advance.
Honored Contributor

Re: Set Admin password on DL 580 G1 (700-900 MHz)


Using the SCU ( ) you need to:

Select Advanced mode
Choose system configuration
Choose configure hardware (Loading configuration files)
Choose Review or modify hardware settings
Choose step 3 View or edit details
Goto advanced features
Set Administrative Password (or something like that)
Press F10 to save.

You should know that this password can get in the way of administrative installs of new bios.
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Phillip Escarciga
Occasional Contributor

Re: Set Admin password on DL 580 G1 (700-900 MHz)


Ok, I'm going to try getting into the Advanced mode. But when I stuck disk 1 in, it prompted me to install it. Here's a synopses of what I did.

The SCU has not been run on this system do you want to configure Yes/No.
Selected Yes - pressed enter.
Date and time were shown - pressed enter
Please wait
Insert disk 2 - inserted disk 2 pressed enter
Loading configuration files
Loading plug and play boards
Configuration complete
Your computer and all detected boards have been configured
Save the configuration file and exit - pressed enter

I didn't get the Advanced mode option. This is what I got.

Main Menu Screen
- System configuration
- Operating System Installation
- Diagnostics and Utilities
- Exit from this Utilities

Also, based on your statement, should I update the BIOS first - then set the Admin password?