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Set a HDD LED from Redfish

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Set a HDD LED from Redfish

I'm pretty sure this isn't possible, but...

We would like to be able to set a HDD LED indicator from Redfish on a Gen10 DL380.

We use Redfish extensively for server management. Currently we are having to replace a significant number of failed HDDs and it would be helpful if we could set the LED for the drive to help the technician be sure of pulling the correct drive.

The closest I can get to making this happen is a post that talks about using the Array Configuration Utility. This post is from 2009 and running a Windows based tool is not an option for us.

The LED state is exposed by the IndicatorLED property of a HpeSmartStorageDiskDrive but that's a read-only property.

Is there any way to set it using Redfish? Failing that is there a way of doing it without physical access to the server?




Re: Set a HDD LED from Redfish


I hope all is well.

You can collect the AHS report from the ILO online without access to the server physically access to the server to verify the hardware status.

You can your self see the hardware health status from the ILO page.

You can share this report with the HPE support team.

Follow the below documents.

Redfish API implementation on HPE servers with iLO RESTful API

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Re: Set a HDD LED from Redfish

Thank you, but I probably should have described the problem we are trying to solve.

We have disks in a ceph cluster that are being marked as unhealthy, but that the ILOM thinks are just fine. smartctl will report unrecovered read errors, but again the ILOM thinks the disk(s) are healthy.

Despite the ILOM's opinion we need to replace these drives.

What we want to do is to set the HDD indicator LED so that the technician knows exactly which drive to replace.

Doing this via redfish would be ideal, but I'm willing to consider other tools that can be run from Linux.



Re: Set a HDD LED from Redfish


Please download and install SSA CLI utility from below link for your operating system:

then use following command:

#ssacli ctrl slot=x pd 1I:1:X modify led=on
#ssacli ctrl slot=x pd 1I:1:X modify led=off


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