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Setting up Switch and Server for 2 Nics

Rocky Pritchard
Occasional Contributor

Setting up Switch and Server for 2 Nics

Hi all,

The facts:
Proliant ML 350
Windows Server 2003 R2
HP Network Configuration
HP J4819A Procurve Switch 5308xl

Some background:
My server here has two gigabit nics. I want to use both nics for faster communication and fault tolerance. This is my first time working with switches so I've bombarded myself the past few days with information regarding link aggregation and trunking. On the server I went under control panel, HP network configuration and I teamed both of my nics. I set my team type to TLB and my TLB method to TCP connection. I then assigned a static ip to my server.

Then I thought to myself.... I probably need to modify the switch settings to facilitate what I'm trying to do. So I logged on to my procurve and have been looking around.

The only thing that looks promising is a menu under VLAN. But I'm not sure what to do.

This machine will be used for creating backups so it needs access to everyone else but I need two ports on the switch to be "trunked" together? I guess?

Thoughts, suggestions wanted please!
Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: Setting up Switch and Server for 2 Nics

I think you did everythink OK. I am not network guy, but modern switches should handle it.

just do some testing:

1) network speed - looks like you have 2gbps?
2) disaster test - unplug 1 eth cable - netowrk should survive