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Setup new drive controller in Proliant

Mike Gale

Setup new drive controller in Proliant

I am resurrecting a server in which the "server features board" SCSI controller failed.

I have physically installed a 295243-001 controller.

I wish to retain the content of the SCSI drive on the machine.

I would like to know the steps to follow to get the new controller recognised and operational.

I've fired up SmartStart which suggests running the System Erase Utility.

Anyone know the general procedure to follow.
Gary Antonio Benavides
Trusted Contributor

Re: Setup new drive controller in Proliant

What kind of server do you have?
- Is the controller compatible with that server?
- What kind of hard drives do you have? SAS / SATA / SCSI / IDE

- The content of the SCSI Drive will remain on the hard drives not in the storage controller. You can even do drive romaing, wich consists on moving the hard drives from one server to the other.
- If the controller is compatible all you need is to assigne the new controller as the controller 1 in the RBSU.
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Mike Gale

Re: Setup new drive controller in Proliant

Hi Gary,

Interesting humour in your reply!

I guess you're talking about the Setup option with boot. I'll give that a try when I get back to that machine. (Didn't realise I could do it from there but it makes sense.)

(I had the drive in another machine to check all was good. No problem. An HP technical guy suggested this controller rather than the more expensive replacement of the original controller.)