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Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003

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Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003

Hello everbody,
I have experienced problems during the sbs-related portion of the setup process while setting up a new sbs2003 for a customer on a brandnew ML350 hardware.
Whenever I ran the configuration wizard for e-mail and internet access and finally pressed the "finish"-button, the wizard tried to complete the configuration tasks but stopped right at the first task (network configuration). That was quite annoying. ;)
He then told me that something went wrong and asked wheter I wanted to finish the other tasks (e-mail and so on) or if I want to quit the wizard.
It sounded like: "Configuration status of the internet connection. An error occured while configuring one component. Click 'yes' to continue and to install the remaining components or 'cancel' to finish the wizard without installing the other components".

Nothing was logged into the event logs.

I solved this problem now by _not using the HP SmartStart-CD_.
This was the _only_ way to get this wizard to work properly.
I figured that out by reinstalling the whole thing over and over again.

Do you have any ideas why this happened / what is going on here exactly?
When not using the SmartStart-CD the SBS does not install SNMP by default - maybe is has sth. to do with this?
And maybe I will get trouble later on when not having used the SmartStart-CD to set up the machine initially?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Re: Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003


When you install the sbs 2003 server was the server connected to the network? Is anything else was connected to the server?

As far as smart start cd is concerned it is very important when you initially setup your server. Smart start 7.2 will have the latest PSP's and Rom paq to update your server. If
you are using the os cd directly to install the os then the snmp is installed by default but you have to start the service.

Always use the smartstart CD to setup your proliant server
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Re: Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003

If SBS can't see a connected NIC then it will not complete the Internet Connection Wizard. I suspect that the NIC drivers needed to be loaded from the SmartStart CD.

You should always use SmartStart when installing HP servers.
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Re: Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003

We have run into this before with customers. You can not use the SmartStart with SBS. You have to do a manual install or the incorrect driver set is used by the OS during install. HP does not fully support SBS and SBS is so automated that it has no way to be flexible.
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Re: Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003

Interesting that in this link HP claim that most ML series are supported.

Re: Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003

thank you all for your comments.
They were very useful to me.

@Ameen Khan S
Yes, the NIC had been connected to a powered on switch prior to installation. Thank you.

@e4services and @colin:
This is exactly what the American and German SBS-newsgroups have confirmed to me in the meanwhile.

By the way: It is not only that the ML350 is officially SBS-supported ... there even exists a special installation instruction written by HP that describes the installation using the SmartStart-CD. This is mentioned there as "the supported setup method".
Here is the link:

The HP technician here did not know anything about problems with SmartStart on SBS. :(
Maybe they should be informed?

One question again:
How to I activate SNMP without the SmartStart-CD so I can use those HP agents reporting hardware issues and so on?

Thanks and best Regards,
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Re: Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003


Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a Windows installable product. You should be able to use "Add and Remove Programs" > "Windows Components" > "Management and Monitoring Tools" and then select the sub component SNMP.

Once this is installed, use the HP Product Support Pack to install the Insight Agents.


Re: Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003

Good to know that you have fixed the issue. Normally on a windows server os the snmp protocol is installed by default. if not go to add remove programs-> windows components->check for monitoring services click on that and install it.


Re: Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003

Hi everyone,
thank you again for your quick and helpful answers.

Best Regards,

Re: Setup problem ML350 and SBS2003

My problem has been solved. :)