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Shared Storage between 3 DL580 G7's

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Shared Storage between 3 DL580 G7's

I have three of these monsters but want to setup a virtual enviroment with HA.  I'm aware of the software answers but I don't want to go that route so here are couple newb questions.


I'm going to need Shared storage so I'm considering upgrading the native P410 controlers to aHP Smart Array P812/1G cards.


Question one: Properly Implemented can I create a shared array of 12 disks (4 per system)?


Question two:  Is this cabling correct so I don't need a switch and have full redudnancy?

Server1 > Server2 & Server3

Server2 > Server1 & Server3

Server3 > Server2 & Server1


Question three:  Any thing I'm missing?  Trying to build this solution not only as a platform but a proof of concept for a bigger implementation with FC, Blades, and all the real fun stuff.

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Re: Shared Storage between 3 DL580 G7's

Is this just totally wrong?
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Re: Shared Storage between 3 DL580 G7's

Get a shared storage unit. It sounds like you're thinking you can wire the output of one ACU into another and have it somehow work, but that's not going to work unless I'm just terribly mistaken about what the Pxxx array controllers are capable of.

If you're looking to share storage between servers, get a P2000 MSA G3. It has a storage controller (or two for redundancy) that arbitrates access. Comes in iSCSI, FC and SAS versions.

I don't remember offhand if the Pxxx array controllers with external SAS ports will work as a HBA to the P2000 MSA G3 or not. I use SC08e HBAs which have 2 external SAS ports to connect to my storage unit with the SAS controllers.

For redundancy I run one cable from each of the HBA's ports to a port on each of the redundant controllers on the storage unit. Then if I have a cable fault or a controller on the P2000 fails, it's still good.

Each controller on the P2000 has 4 ports, so if you go dual controller you'll have 8 ports total. You could hook up 8 computers, or 4 computers in a dual cable scenario like I mentioned.

Or go for the FC/iSCSI controllers and cable it up however you want with however many server nodes.

Remember, this isn't a NAS... there's no shared, simultaneous access. This is a SAN and a server node has dedicated access to an array which can be failed over to another node.

The P2000 is fully MPIO compatible with Windows Server and it should work fine with other hypervisors like the latest VMWare, etc. but that's not something I'm familiar with personally.