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Short Notice, Please Help w/ DL 380 G-3

Chris Rice_1

Short Notice, Please Help w/ DL 380 G-3

I have a prod server which has started having a serious issue that is causing a reboot. I have checked all I can think of including watching the server run w/ the lid off to check for lights and/or audible beeps. So far, nothing...

All I have to go on are the following messages from the system logs in event viewer;

1) Event ID 6008: The previous system shutdown at 8:40:08 AM on 5/16/2005 was unexpected.

2) Evemt ID 4196: The system encountered a Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI) prior to this boot. The NMI source was: PCI bus error, slot 0.

3) Event ID 1123: System Information Agent: Health: Post Errors were detected. One or more Power-On-Self-Test errors were detected during server startup.

Once a re-boot is completed, the server comes up fine and is available in production, but we never know when it will happen againg. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Honored Contributor

Re: Short Notice, Please Help w/ DL 380 G-3


This problem can be mainly because of 2 reasons,
1.Hardware issue related to memory for this you can take the server down and run diagnostics if this is good then
2.Software there might be something running on the system which hogs the memory (means something may be going into a loop) if that is the case you need to check what has changed recently on the system and fix it, I have seen this happen on our servers because of software.


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Re: Short Notice, Please Help w/ DL 380 G-3

Hi Chris,

This error is generated because either there an operating system issue (which is a software issue) or there is a physical hard ware malfunction on your server (according to the error you posted : it could be the device that uses PCI slot 0 or device that shares resources with pci slot 0 or could be the pci slot itself

in anycase
1. Try to update the server to the latest PSP-Proliant SUpport Pack which could be downloaded from this link by choosing the OS you ar erunning

By updating the PSP you can rule out a software issue if you still have the problem
Read this customer advisory for more explanation

If you had already the latest PSP, I still recommend to reapply it because that will rule out again if there is any corrupt system management drivers on your previouse installation

2. If step 1 did not resolve issue, then you can go ahead and run the diagnostic and see if that comes with a clue as what part and/or component of the system is having the problem (according to your post, you have not seen any flashin and/or umber LEDs on the system board on FANs, Memory, CPU, etc
If the diagnostic reported a problem replace that hardware component
If you don't have the HP diagnostic, you can download it from this link

Hope this helps

Amha Kassa
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Re: Short Notice, Please Help w/ DL 380 G-3

I had similar problems when the Array controller battery went bad. I kept getting POST messages on Reboot. You may need to change it out.
Hope this helps,