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Should I just give up on these DL165 G7 ilo100's?

W Sanders
Occasional Advisor

Should I just give up on these DL165 G7 ilo100's?

I've inherited a farm of DL165 G7's, some have been waiting on their "ilo100" board installation since they were installed. As for the ones that have a ilo100 installed, the ilo100 seems totally useless: I can't get the java virtual KVM console to work with modern browsers and JREs, and the SMASH console (via ssh, "/system1/console1 start") isn't working either.


So it makes no sense to schedule downtime for the remaining ilo100 installs if it isn't going to get me a console.


I have just a few questions before I give up: The ilo's have the "LO100 Advanced INDIVIDUAL" license installed. Is there a license I can get that will enable at least the SMASH ssh console?


Is there some OS configuration I need to do, like start a getty on some port that is somehow mapped to the SMASH console?


Thanks -w

Jimmy Vance

Re: Should I just give up on these DL165 G7 ilo100's?

LO100i provides IPMI, DCMI, and SMASH which are activated with LO100i Advanced licenses


My first suggestion would be to make sure they are running the latest firmware



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W Sanders
Occasional Advisor

WORKAROUND: Should I just give up on these DL165 G7 ilo100's?

Here's an intresting workaround: Instead of running the JNLP console app from the browser, download it, you will have a jar file called M2.jar.


This jar is runnable as a standalone java app: "java -jar M2.jar" or double click on it. This works for me on Windows 7 with Java 8 and also on Mavericks with the legacy Java 6 that comes with MacOS.


Works for me, so not going to even try a FW upgrade. Besides scheduleing downtime, I've bricked more thn one HP server with buggy firmware upgrades, and can't risk it on these production boxes.