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Shows Failure of CR3500s

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Shows Failure of CR3500s

I have a Cl1850 that I am NOT using as a cluster. Both nodes are configured as separate domain controllers. I configured the servers with SmartStart 4.90 with appropriate Insight Manager Agents. I have disabled all the SCSI controllers within DevMAn except the Smart Array 221. They are also disabled within the System Configuration Utility. However, when these servers are viewed within Insight Manager, they show up in the list as failed, but when you open them up, there is nothing showing as failed. However, if viewed through the Insight Web Agents interface, it shows the CR3500 controllers (within the Shared Storage subsection) as failed (no other explanation given--just failed).

Is there some way to get these controllers that we are not using to not be "seen" by Insight Manager Agents? My central ops center keeps wanting to get these servers to show "green" on their system. If I configure these systems as "Unknown/Unsupported", will this do the trick? Help!!!!

Jon Golberg
West Corp
Omaha, NE