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Shrinking RAID-5 Volume

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Shrinking RAID-5 Volume

Hello all,


I have a DL380p Gen8 server that is configured for RAID-5.  The OS is server 2008 R2.


There is roughly 600Gb of space on C: drive.  Is there for me to shrink the volume and create a separate partition, say 200Gb without using a partition magic or other softwares?  I have read conflicting articles on the net regarding shrinking the volume on a RAID without any data loss.


One article states that you can shrink a RAID setup without data loss as this is a new function on server 2008 OS and the other article states that I would need to re-install the OS and everything else.


If I am able to shrink the volume and create a new partition D: without any data loss, do I configure it via disk management or somewhere else?  The server has smart array controllers.


Thanks in advance.





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Re: Shrinking RAID-5 Volume

Hello hussai7


First of all don't change the RAID side of things at all unless you are doing something with the physical disks or require more space than you 'sliced' the logical drives into. In that case I don't think there is a way to change the size of logical drives without data loss.


If you are talking about volumes inside the logical drive there was a time when you needed a lot of special tools to make this kind of change, but this capacity is now built into the Windows Disk management tools. There are some requirements for shrinking.. Most of these are the same rules you would be required to meet with tools like partition magic, but Windows tools are a bit more rigid about them.


The requirements you need to meet have to do with free space and fragmentation. In order to shrink the volume Windows will require you to have a certain amount of free space and if your original volume is very fragmented you may need to defragment it before shrinking. Most tools like partition magic pretty much need the same thing, they just handle it on the fly as a part of the process while Windows Disk Management makes you do it yourself.


Basically you just need to go into Disk Management, right click the volume and select shrink volume. Then you just create a new volume in the unallocated space that results from shrinking..


I myself prefer paranoia before making changes to volumes. Sometimes protected software chokes on these changes so it is a good idea to back up before doing it. Other than oddball protected software I have never had a problem with this, but I back up every time just the same (except on test systems I don't care about).


Good Luck,



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Re: Shrinking RAID-5 Volume

Thanks so much Dave.

I was so paranoid in not bringing the liver server down with a lot of users on it that I was second guessing myself.

Thanks again