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Single to multi processor upgrade...

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Single to multi processor upgrade...

The original CPU that came with my system is PII 450. I have not yet opened the case to see what I have since this server is in production but I will be upgrading it soon. I have a second PII 450 processor for the upgrade and the corresponding power module. Is there anything else I need before I begin on the hardware side? Is the server capable of dual processors as is or do I need an upgraded processror card?
Also, what are the basic steps for a successfull single to multi processor upgrade e.g. installation of software by order etc.?


Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Single to multi processor upgrade...

Install the new processor(s) as noted in the manual for the system itself or that comes with the chips.

Then configure the server hardware to the correct the "APIC Mode" settings. You must start System Configuration and press 'CTRL a' at the first menu after selecting F10 during boot. This activates "Advanced Mode". Then enter System Configuration itself and follow the prompts to complete a basic configuration load. Select to "Review" the settings and then pick "View/Edit Details" from the menu. Look down the list to find "APIC Mode". Press enter on this selection and select "Full Table, Mapped" (or "Full Table" if only choice, depends on specific system). Once this has been done, exit and save changes.

The next step is to load the Multiprocessor HAL on NT. This is best accomplished with the latest Compaq NT SSD (for 3.51 or 4.0 specifically) as this utility will do a more reliable job of identifying the correct HAL for the system. Simply run SETUP.EXE from the SSD disk 1 and select the HAL upgrade (you may also install other drivers if desired, do NOT force all drivers to load as some may not work on your system).