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Sl390 G7 doesn't power on

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Sl390 G7 doesn't power on

Good day to all,

Please give me advice how to solve the problem with client's SL390G7 2U LeftTray that can't start with pressed power button or from Ilo3 virtual power button.The action the same-start, front leds blinks (power led become green for a momment, hdd leds become blue-green-blue-amber-green,  health led green for a momment) then faults back to off position (amber power led, health led is off). ILo3 web interface working rather normaly, but shows nothing helpfull-IML is empty, system information->summary->Subsystem devices shows for all (fans,temperature,power supplies) "Not installed". 

I tried to start server from another tray of s6500 chassis (upper 2 trays or lower 2 trays Left side of chassis)-nothing new.Also i tried to start server in minimum configurtion ( one cpu1,  2 x 8GB RAM and personality board)-nothing new.Also i tried to replace CPUs in there sockets-no effect. Also i tried to replace Power Supply Units (4 quantity) at there places in the chassis-no effect.

The server is alone in the chassis and client don't have another chassis s6500 to test.

What may be the reason of this behavior-system board, personality board, power backplain of chassis or something else?

Would glad to heare any opinion.