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Slow IDE on ML350

Ernesto Sanchez
Occasional Contributor

Slow IDE on ML350

Hi all.

I have installed a 80 GB IDE disk (ST380011A) conected as master in primary IDE. The system has two 72 GB SCSI disk in RAID 1 with the OS (Windows Server 2003) and this new IDE disk is only for backup purpose. The CDROM drive is on second IDE as slave.

The problem is with the speed. It's very slow to read and very very slow to write. The disk is ok if I put in other non-hp computer.

I think that the problem is with the transfer mode, because Windows 2003 put it in PIO mode instead of DMA mode even I force the DMA mode.

¿Maybe a BIOS bad configuration or firmware version?

Thank you.
Sean Marshall_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Slow IDE on ML350

Did you plug the IDE drive into the IDE where the CD-ROM was? I was told that the ML350 does not support IDE hard drives. This could be the issue.

Re: Slow IDE on ML350

Sean - You are correct - it does not support IDE HDD's - If you TRY to use it, the drive is not seen by BIOS or OS.

Ernesto - The problem is PIO mode - it needs to be DMA - as high as the drive / controller will support. Unfortunately, you cannot manually change this, short of unchecking the "use PIO only" box if it exists. Your Barracuda drive supports udma 100 - Make sure the IDE cables are the proper type (80 conductor). Some have had luck by replacing their cables - but Windows will not automatically renegotiate - The IDE controller has to be "deleted" from within device manager first, then be allowed to auto-detect on the next boot.

Good Luck