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Slow Network Connection via HP 2524 Switch

Neil Sutton

Slow Network Connection via HP 2524 Switch

Hi all,

We have a strange problem here.. we've got 3 new servers (HP DL385 G5 & 2x HP DL360 G5) running Windows Server 2003 R2.
The new servers all use HP 373i Nic's which are running the latest drivers.
Now.. when the server is access via a socket routed through a HP 2524 switch the network speed crawls to snails pace (134 mins to copy 250MB) I am see this on all 3 of the new servers, but not on any of our existing HP's.
If I connect up a laptop directly to our HP4108GL and copy files from the server I get good speeds, same if I go through a HP 1800 switch or a HP 2124... Its only when it passes through any HP2524 switch.
The 2524's are all out of the box configured, nothing special, some uplinked by fibre, others by cat5.
Does anyone have any suggestions about what may be incompatible between these NIC's and the 2524 switch?