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Slow Performance ProLiant ML150 Gen9 HP B140i

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Slow Performance ProLiant ML150 Gen9 HP B140i

we have Problems with out Server HP Proliant ML150 GEN9.
This are the specifications:

Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 v3 @ 1.90GHz
OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentialsx64 Version, (Build 9600)
Discs: 4 x 500.1 GB, 7k RPM, SATA, ATA MB0500GCEHE
RaidController: HP B140i (RAID5 with 1,5 TB)

Logisches Laufwerk 1, Speicher-Controller in Steckplatz 0b - 1.5 TB, RAID 5 - OK
Gerätepfad	\\.\Scsi0:
LUN	0x0000004000000000
Laufwerkspfad	\\.\Scsi0:
Controller-Typ	CISS
Logischer Index	1
Byte pro Block	512
Letzte gültige Blocknummer	2930122800
Konfigurationssignatur	0x0174958A
Statuscode	0
Statusbeschreibung	OK
Kapazität	1.5 TB
Volume-ID	0x00000000
Port-Adresse	2
Datenverteilungsmodus	2
Oberflächenanalyse	0x00
Fehlertoleranz	3
Fehlertoleranz-Beschreibung	RAID 5
Fehlertoleranz-Laufwerke	1
Verteilungsfaktor	256 kB
Anzahl der Festplatten im logischen Laufwerk	4
Anzahl der Offline-Festplatten im logischen Laufwerk	0
Mit Speicher-Controller verbunden	HP Smart Array Controller, Steckplatz 0b - HP B140i

I have tested the Raidcontroller with Writecache and without. But I have very bad Performance. I can write to the Disc with max 5 MByte/s. With this Speed I can't work. The Raidcontroller has no Battery Pack.

Can you help me getting a better Performance?

Best Regards

Jimmy Vance

Re: Slow Performance ProLiant ML150 Gen9 HP B140i

The B140i is a software based RAID controller and uses resources shared with the host system.  You will not see performance levels provided  by a hardware based RAID controller.

From the users guide:

The HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i RAID controller is a RAID solution combining SATA ports and proprietary software components. Eliminating most of the hardware RAID controller components, and relocating advanced RAID algorithms from a hardware-based controller into device driver software lowers the total solution cost, while still maintaining comparable RAID protection and full compatibility with Smart Array disk format, configuration utilities, and management/monitoring software.

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Re: Slow Performance ProLiant ML150 Gen9 HP B140i

You will have to look for a hardware controller to be able to improve the writes and readings in any of the disks. I have a ML110 G9 that has the same software controller that you are commenting on, and the same thing happened to me (as well as many other people who have commented on this forum), so I decided to buy a P440 4GB from HP Renew and the difference is huge. Search for compatible controllers for your server model, I assure you that the difference is very large.