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Slow copy response on ML350 with SQL 2000

Brent Workman
Occasional Advisor

Slow copy response on ML350 with SQL 2000

The performance of
the hard drives is slow. We tested the old server which is a 933MhZ with and
adaptec raid controller and 3 36 gb drives configured with raid 5. The new
server has the built in 641 controller with 145Gb drives configured with
raid 5.

Here are the results of some tests we ran.

1/ On the old server I copied one night's backup file to a new folder on
that same server - took 6 minutes & 50 seconds to copy the 2.9GB

2/ Then copied the same file over to the new server - took 8 minutes & 30

3/ Then copied the same file to a new folder on the new server - took 10
minutes & 0.0 seconds.

As you can see it took more than 3 minutes more to copy the same file on the
new server.

They run a very large database program and this seems to be affecting the
performance of this as well.

I have updated all the drivers and firmware.

After further testing this problem begins after installing sql 2000. No problems before this install.
Honored Contributor

Re: Slow copy response on ML350 with SQL 2000

Hi Brent,

Does the 641 controller have battery backed Cache installed? If not it will have 64Mb Read-Only cache.

This may have a performance hit with certain applications.

To check, go into the Array Configuration Utility (ACU). If you have Write-Back cache enabled, the controller configuration will show 50% Read-50% Write (By Default).
If you have Read-Only cache it will show 100% Read and you won't be able to alter the settings.

I don't know enough about SQL 2000 but if it is write intensive the cache can be altered to say 25% Read-75%Write if you have write-back cache. The values can be changed to find your optimum setting.

Check this first as it may be where your bottleneck lies.

I hope this helps.