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Slow cpqhealth update

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Slow cpqhealth update

Hello Compaq,

Your cpqhealth software for Linux is in a bad shape. Red Hat has issued officially recommended kernel updates for Red Hat 7.1/7.2 which any security-aware system administrator should apply. However, your current cpqhealth software makes the kernel segfault.

What are you planning to do to improve Linux support for your hardware?

Why on Earth don't you simply open-source the cpqhealth software? - Or at least make sure that it works for with up-to-date installations?

On your page about cpqhealth you don't even warn about the above fact.

You really need to be better at Linux support. We have a very large Compaq installation where I work, most running Linux. I'm seriously thinking about moving to IBM hardware, because IBM seems much better at supporting their hardware for Linux users.