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Slow disk performance?

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Slow disk performance?

I have a ProLiant DL380 G5 connected via an arbitrated private loop to a library and LTO-4 tape drive using multimode fibre.

I have eight 146GB 10k SAS disks installed.
Two for mirror OS, five for RAID 5 Data, one hot spare. The controller is a P400 512mb w/ battery.

Now down to my question, what kind of disk transfer speed can I expect?

I ran PAT12.exe and HP LT&T Sys Perf.
I get between 13-20MB/sec.

The Avg Disk Queue Length is around 1.

Backup Exec 12 says my job is backing up at 1000-1300mb/min.

Is this normal?
Is there something to tweak?

Some additional info:

Windows 2003 R2 SP2

Scalar50 - Revision V42.0

HP Ultrium 4-SCSI - Revision H21Z

Windows Drivers - halfinch.sys 5.1.34, tpfilter.sys 0.0.3290

HBAs - Emulex LPe1150-E 4Gb 1port FC: PCIe SFF HBA
Driver Version - SLI-2 SW_DATE:Dec 23 2005, v5-2.40a3; HBAAPI v2.2.b, 02-17-05
Firmware Version - 2.50A4
Driver Name - elxsli2