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Slow extend on Smart Array 5i

Stuart J McKay
Occasional Visitor

Slow extend on Smart Array 5i


I've just rebuilt one of our file servers with W2003. Due to some unplanned data needing to be copied into one of the logical drives, I had to extend it by 10GB and it took appproximately 60 hours. I have read other posts and followed the instructions to make the extend priority High but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced it and if there is a solution available.

I have attached a screenshot of the array configuration and the Firmware is v2.33.

I now need to extend Logical Disk 3 by 40GB and based upon my previous experience of it affecting all subsequent disks, I'm looking at a fairly long wait for it to complete.

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Slow extend on Smart Array 5i

Hi Stuart,

Firstly I would upgrade the firmware on the controller, as v2.33 is very old. The latest is v2.66A available here:

Secondly, do you have the BBWC option installed? This can speed up expansions quite significantly...

Hope this helps,


Stuart J McKay
Occasional Visitor

Re: Slow extend on Smart Array 5i

Thanks, I've downloaded the new Firmware and will organise some downtime to do the update.

We don't have the BBWC module installed but I've been told that it never used to take as long as it currently is. The server was running an older version of the software previously and extend's were much quicker then. Unfortunately I don't have first-hand experience with the old software.

I'll try the firmware this weekend and post back.