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Slow file transfers to DL 380 G3

Dan Mitchell_2
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Slow file transfers to DL 380 G3

I have a DL 380 G3 with 4 proc running W2K w/SP4. If I try to transfer files to the server from any other host it is very slow. If I copy files locally on the server from disk to disk it is very fast. If I send same set of files from this server to any other box it is very fast. So it seems to be an issue on the recv. end of networking components. I'm using onboard 10/100/1000 NIC with latest driver from 5/03.
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Re: Slow file transfers to DL 380 G3

Hi Dan,

I've had a similar issue.

Copying files to SOME hosts was very slow to and from the server, but between slow hosts to other machines was quick.

Our initial solution to this issue, was to manually set the duplexing and turn off autonegotiation, both on the host machines, servers and swithes.
We subsequently have been experimenting with further configuration changes to the Cisco switches we have - the exact details I don't have to hand.
Dan Baxter
Frequent Advisor

Re: Slow file transfers to DL 380 G3

I have seen this behaviour in our environment before. In our case it is also linked to Cisco switches. If you have some other brand of switch, this may not work for you.

Set your NIC to Full duplex/100MB, you shouldn't have to reboot under W2K. If that particular setting doesn't work, experiment with the duplex and speed settings. The goal, as mentioned above, is to get the server off of using autonegotiation.

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