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Smart-2/E problems : NT Terminal edition / Compaq Proliant 1500

Joao Silverio
Occasional Contributor

Smart-2/E problems : NT Terminal edition / Compaq Proliant 1500


I am trying to install NT Terminal edition (TSE) on a Compaq Proliant 1500.

I have downloaded the latest Smart-2/E array drivers from Compaq.
As soon as the drivers a loaded, using F6 in initial TSE setup, the very well known blue screen appears and the server crashes.
I have even tried to download older drivers from the Compaq site, just see if I could solve the problems in order to be able to apply at least a single patch for TSE.

The hardware, although a bit dusty seems to be OK.
The Smart-2/E firmware seems to be 1.26.
The BIOS date: ??/??/98, was dated ??/??/97 before a applied an upgrade.
I guess the BIOS was never upgraded before.

I have searched the Compaq site for the Smart-2/E array drivers with a release date around 1997, but could not find any.
I am hoping to find the driver which can be handled by the HAL /

I guess the combination of the TSE (sub version) HAL/
and (recent) Smart2-/E array drivers is a fatal combination, until the first
TSE Service has not been installed.

I would really appreciate your help finding a solution for this problem.

Thanks for your help!
Ron Amos
Valued Contributor

Re: Smart-2/E problems : NT Terminal edition / Compaq Proliant 1500

Hi Joao,

You will need to do a manual installation for NT Terminal Edition, which is what you are doing when you press ???F6???. With new Drivers you will first need to attend to some details like:

1. Upgrading your Smart ???2E Controller firmware in (2) steps (Important or you will fry Controller). First with SP8050.EXE Disk #1 upgrade it to Ver.2.14 ??? You will find this at:
2. Next upgrade Controller to Ver.4.50 with SP19677.EXE Disk #1 ??? You will find this at:
3. Upgrade your System Board Firmware with SP6224.EXE to 04/30/1999 ??? You will find this at:
4. Next run Manual Installation using a Smart Start CD preferably a late version, Smart Start Version 5.50 is the latest Version that can be used with your Server (New Smart Start 6.0 can only be used with New Servers). This Smart Start is available for a small fee at (800) 573-1099.
5. This Smart Start will enable configuring your ARRAY and configuring your Server hardware resources for your Operating System.
6. When your boot on your NT Terminal Edition CD press ???F6??? during Hardware discovery (be sure to press ???F6??? early). Then Specify your Smart-2E Controller driver with CPQARRAY driver on ???NT4 Support??? diskette created with Smart Start Diskette Builder or with Diskette created from extracted Files CP002406.EXE ??? You will find this at:
7. I believe you will know what to do after this point to complete your installation.

There are some people who live in a dream world
Joao Silverio
Occasional Contributor

Re: Smart-2/E problems : NT Terminal edition / Compaq Proliant 1500

Hello Ron,

Thank you!
I managed to install TSE, but
I am certainly going to upgrade the firmware as you suggest.

Thanks for the great effort that you have taken to send me
this fully detailed procedure.