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Smart-2DH POST on 5000R

Mohsin Rahman
Occasional Visitor

Smart-2DH POST on 5000R

Ok. My first post to this forum. Appologies if it has already been answered.

I have a 5000R, 4x200MHz, 1GB RAM, S3-Virge 8MB PCI Video card, Intel 10/100 NIC, 5x4.3 GB drives on a Smart-2DH RAID controller.

I booted the SmartStart CD, choose the ERASE utility. Everything Good. Next boot, server performs hardware detection, go thru Regional settings, choose desired SmartStart path (Manual configuration), selected OS as MS2000 Server -English. Configuring wizard shows:

Your boot controller has been set to:
SLOT 8 - Compaq Smart-2DH Array Controller

Restart the machine, goes into Array Configuration Utility (ver 2.50B) and select RAID 0. Utility shows:

RAID 0 - No Fault Tolerance
Array A
20467 MB, RAID 0, Logical Drv 1

I save the configuration. Exit the utility, put in the XP Pro CD and get this during the POST:

4 CPUs @ 200MHz

Scanning for SCSI Devices

but I never see the 2DH controller or the logical drive.

XP Pro setup starts, and it sees:

20446MB Disk 0 at ID 0 on bus 0 on cpqarray (MBR): unpartitioned space 20466MB

I can NTFS it and I go thru the copying of the files onto the drives, but at the next boot up, it still does not report the the 2DH controller and XP setup starts from scratch.

What am I doing wrong? Any and all pointers will be helpful. Thanks.
Mohsin Rahman
Occasional Visitor

Re: Smart-2DH POST on 5000R

Good News... the problem is fixed. It is called moving the PCI Video Card to a different slot and rebooting. The video card had a conflict w/ the Smart-2DH card.