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Smart 3200 Performance

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Smart 3200 Performance

I use a ML530 with :
-1 smart 3200controler (P335B0ABFISCRO) firmware v4.5 driver v2.09
-2 ultra3 9go 10krpm disks (BD00962A66) in raid 1 for the sys volume
-7 ultra3 18go 10krpm disks (BD0186349B) in raid 5 for other volumes

I have made a performance test with the toolbox
I have stoped the anti-virus before the test
I have copied a 4GB file forme the volume sys to another volume.
the thoughput is only 5.9MB/s.
After I have made a vrepair and a purge, I have remade the test with the same result.
after I have looked the "CPU Usage" and "Command count" in Insight manager 5.3
the smart 3200 "CPU Usage" go to 100% return to 0% and so on it's like a otherflow
the "Command count" is 1800

after y have made a backup with a thoughput of 6,66 MB/s and without the anti-virus
the backup software is BackupExec 8.5 build 194
the smart 3200 "CPU Usage" is 70%
the "Command count" is 2000

Is it normal performance for this controler ?
Is it a good test ?
Is it possible to optimize the performance ?
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart 3200 Performance


You can definitely optimize your system performance in the following ways:

- update all your drivers; updates are available at
- update the firmware on your array controller using SP19677 downloaded from
- make sure your system ROM is up to date
- update the System Configuration Utility using SP19619 downloaded from
- use advanced F10 options to clear NVRAM and reset system

These steps will optimize your system performance at a hardware level.

If you have any questions, please email me at
To get results you've never had before, try something you've never tried before.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Smart 3200 Performance


I have updated the smart driver from the 2.09(?) version to the 2.09(F)
I have forced the installation because for the program it's the same version.
After the installation and reboot the CPQARRAY.HAM file is from 02/28/2001
I think, it's the same file than before

For the firmware of the smart card, I have make a floppy with SP19677.exe and I have booted with it
The installation program have indicated that the installed firmware is the same or is newer, it isn't possible to install it.
For this card, Insight Manager indicate
Firmware Version 4.50 from the 1/11/2001
Product Revision :A

The update try to install Version 3.10A from 06/11/2002

And the System Configuration Utility is up to date

I have make the same test with the last driver and I obtain the same result

When I make the same copy the "CPU Usage" increase from 3% to 99% and move from 99% to 0% to 99% and so on and after the test it decrease to 3 or 5%. (I use Insight Manager v5.4)
During the copy the "Command count" stay between 1750 and 1850