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Smart Array 2 (Integrated) ML370

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Smart Array 2 (Integrated) ML370

I am curious - the HP System Mangement Homepage, when my smart Array controller is selected, states that no battery is present. I suppose this is also why no write cache is shown.
Can I add a battery - and then have write cache?
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Re: Smart Array 2 (Integrated) ML370

The integrated SMART-2 controller cannot be "upgraded" with either more cache RAM or a battery.

To gain the effect of accelorated cache you would need to migrate your array(s) to a PCI based SmartArray Controller such as the SmartArray 3200, 431, 4200 or 5300 controller series.

Although migration from the Integrated Smart Array controller is not officially supported by HP, in real life it behaves exactly like the Smart 431. It supports only Wide-Ultra2 and above hard drives. It does not support Fast SCSI-2, Fast-Wide, or Wide-Ultra drives officially, although some have been observed to use it with newer firmware.

If you do migrate your array(s) off of the Integrated Controller, I highly suggest you update the bios on the controller prior to the move:

I hope this information helps you. -john
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Re: Smart Array 2 (Integrated) ML370

Thanks for the quick reply.