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Smart Array 3200 SCSI ID Problem

Mark Kenniston
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array 3200 SCSI ID Problem

Have 2 Proliant 1850R Servers and am trying to setup a cluster configuration. Both contain Smart Array 3200 controllers. In trying to implement a shared storage I am encountering problems with the conflicting SCSI ID's of the two controllers (scsi ID 7).
How can I go about changing the ID of one controller to accomodate this situation (i.e. scsi ID 6). If this is not possible, what controller would you recommend putting into one the the machines to remedy the problem. We also have a spare Smart Array 2-DH controller available if that could be used.
Also, we want to continue using the onboard RAID options that the array controllers allow. I noted a previous message saying to use an Adaptec 2930U, but does that controller support onboard RAID configurations as the Smart Array controllers do?
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 3200 SCSI ID Problem

Hi Mark;

It sounds as if you are not using a supported hardware cluster configuration.

Which shared storage unit are you running?

Generally, HP/Compaq cluster configurations using the PL1850R employ a shared storage cabinet that contains the array controller, attached to each server with a scsi host-bus adapter.

You can change the scsi ID's of an HBA in a supported cluster configuration.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the scsi ID on a Smart Array Controller - it is hard-coded to ID7.

Hope that helps,

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Mark Kenniston
Occasional Contributor

Re: Smart Array 3200 SCSI ID Problem

We were attempting to use a Proliant U2 Storage System. I don't believe that one has it's own Array Controller.
What units would you recommend? Not necessarily looking for something new, but if you know of any past models that would work well, or where to find that information, it would be great!
Unfortunately, I have absolutely no documentation for the 1850r, so it's been a bit of a challenge getting to understand the unit.