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Smart Array 4200 Firmware Upgrade


Smart Array 4200 Firmware Upgrade

Hi Folks,

I'm coming to the end of my Win2000 upgrade on a DL380G1. It's going smoothly at this point. I was told that when the system was up and stable on Win2000 I should then do the Firmware upgrade for the SA4200.

I was told though that I needed to do it in stages and could not jump to the newest release. I am presently running Rev A V1.30 and I have downloaded V1.44 B(13 Sep 02)from the download site.

Can I jump up to this version and if not, how do I get the intervening versions I need to get the SA up to date???

Also, I am running V2.53A of the System Configuration Firmware. Do I need to upgrade this at all or is it fine the way it is.

The System Board Firmware is at P17 (12/18/2002).

Any others I need to worry about???



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Claude Boileau
Valued Contributor

Re: Smart Array 4200 Firmware Upgrade

Hi Doug

You don't need to upgrade in stages, You can go right to the latest firmware. You can also use the online version from within your win2000. cp002337.