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Smart Array 5300 Automatic Data Recovery problemm

Florin Bota
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array 5300 Automatic Data Recovery problemm

Hello all,
I have a problemm with a Proliant ML350 G3 server with a Smart Array
5300 SCSI RAID controller. There are 6 SCSI disks connected to the
controller, 5 of them configured in RAID 5 with one spare disk. At some
moment one of the disks failed, so I replaced it. After that each time
the server is starting I get a message indicating that Automatic Data
Recovery is needed, choose F1 (do ADR) and the server works fine.
However on the new disk the status light remains off (so no steady
green light). I investigated and it seems ADR can not finalize
corectlly due to a data read error on another disk. This is a situation
indicated in the documentation
- SMART5300- POST Messages) and there they indicate to do a full backup
of readable data and run "Diagnostics Surface Analysis" and restore
afterwards. Where can i find that programm? Is is part of some HP
Diagnostics, Array Configuration Utility or what? If anyone used that
Diagnostics Surface Analysis can please indicate me in which programm I
can find this one, or how to run it (maybe I have to use the SmartStart
CD? boot in some special mode?).
Is that Surface Analysisi alike a scandisk looking for bad sectors
on the surface and recovering them, or I will have to completlly
recover the array (create a new one and fully reinstall the server,
restore data after)?
I attached the output of the Array Diagnostics Utility, hope this will help.

Thanks a lot,
Respected Contributor

Re: Smart Array 5300 Automatic Data Recovery problemm


Could you attached the complete link?

You said that one of the disks failed and you replaced it...when you replaced it do you know if the spare disk took over and started the automatic rebuilding of the array?

What other option does it give you in POST besides the message to press F1?