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Smart Array 5300 Configuration

Caster Troy
Regular Advisor

Smart Array 5300 Configuration

Hi Folks,
Hope You all are doing fine, I was curious if there is any way that I can save the RAID and Array Configuration of my controller (Smart Array 5300), is there any file by which the configuration can be imported or sent to someone.
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Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 5300 Configuration

See chapter 4 Scripting in ACU in HP Array Configuration Utility User Guide.

Scripting in ACU has two modes of operation:

In Capture mode, the configuration of all internal and external array controllers
that are connected to a server is saved to a script file. You can then use the script
file to replicate the array configuration on other servers that have similar storage

NOTE: You can also perform array replication by using the HP Array Configuration
Replicator (ACR). However, the two utilities are not functionally identical. ACU can read
unmodified capture files from ACR, but ACR cannot necessarily use ACU files.

In Input mode, the array configuration that is specified in a script file is applied
to a target system. The script file can be an unmodified or modified capture file,
or you may write the script file from scratch.
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