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Smart Array 5304 dropping disks!!

ian Hurlston_1
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array 5304 dropping disks!!

Hi, I have a Dl380 G2 with a SA5304 connected to 4 external MSA30 shelves.

The FW of the SA5300 is 3.56 and is configured with 2 logical drives as RAID 1+0.
Logical drive 1 is made up of 38 * 36GB 15k disks and logical drive 2 has 2 * 36GB 15k disks with 2 spares enabled.

The other day, 1 of the disks on SCSI port 2 slot 12 failed (member of logical drive 1). This was replaced in the normal way. However, after a few mins the replacement disk showed as failed with its amber light on plus 4 other disk in slots 0,1,13 & 14

Believing the replacement disk in slot 12 to be faulty, this was removed and another disk was inserted but this failed along with another disk in slot 7??

ADU report attached but does not show the disk in slot 7 as failed.

Any Ideas?