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Smart Array 5i Controller with 2 disc Raid 1+0

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Smart Array 5i Controller with 2 disc Raid 1+0

We have canged the hole Raid 1+0 with system installed on it from a DL360 G3 to a DL380 G3 cause we needed more Harddiscs for a Raid 5 and everything worked perfect.
But a week ago one of the 2 discs in Raid 1+0 get damaged, so we get a new one from HP.

We just inserted the new HDD to the same slot as the old one, but the Raid 1+0 don't rebuids himself.

In the Array configuration Utility in the phisical view we see the new HDD on Port 2 : SCSI-ID 1, but the needed disc for the 1+0 Raid is searched on Port 1 and not on Port 2

I didnd found any setting to add the disc to the 1+0 Raid

Can anybody help me?

Screenshot of the Array configuration Utility is attached unfortunatly in german.
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Re: Smart Array 5i Controller with 2 disc Raid 1+0


you need at least 4 disks for raid 0 + 1 , with 2 it is just raid 1, can you show the logical drive seup for this unit ?
have you power cycled it ? ( can sometimes clear these sorts of issues)

good luck

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 5i Controller with 2 disc Raid 1+0

Humm, looks like another case of RIS corruption. The failed disk is shown as being on Port 1 SCSI ID 0, while all the others are on Port 2.
You have the DL380 disk backplane in simplex mode (all present disks are in port 2), so all the disks are on the same bus.
In this case the information on the RIS got modified and the controller is expecting a disk on port 1 ID 0, which is in the external connector on the DL380.
Maybe if you connect an MSA to the rear port, with one disk in the first slot, let the controller rebuild with this disk and then move the disk to the server...
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Re: Smart Array 5i Controller with 2 disc Raid 1+0

Thanks a lot vcespon that was the solution.
Over a half year later I got a SCA - 68pol adapter an a case to use the 68pol on a external interface.

So I placed the new HDD in the external case with ID 0 and rebooted the Server -> HDD found and raid restored! Afer that I had to shut down the system and put the new HDD in the slot back where the original damaged HDD was before, BUT remove the old disc before.

Than power on again press F2 and boot Windows.
Than insert the old disc again, and everything is working.

1. shut down - put new disc on external connector SCSI ID 0
2. power on - automatic restore
3. shut down - remove disc from external connector and put them in internal bay ID 0
4. remove "old" HDD from bay ID 1
5. power on - confirm BIOS message with F2
6. After Windows sucessfull boot insert "old" HDD to bay ID1
7. Finish