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Smart Array 641 RAID 5 Rebuild Pending

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Smart Array 641 RAID 5 Rebuild Pending

I have a ProLiant ML350 with a Smart Array 641 and 6 HDD's.  2 x 72.8 Gb and 4 x 146.8 Gb


There is NO Backup at the moment. 


The original configuration was:


2 x 72.8 Gb, 1 logical drive, RAID 0, Operating System (Server 2008 32bit) (ID 0, 1)

1 x 146.8 Gb, 1 logical drive, Misc Data Drive (ID 2)

3 x 146. Gb, 1 logical drive, RAID5, Primary Data Drive  (ID 3, 4, 5)


The drive ID3 was failing and it was removed from the server. The server used the RAID5 with only ID4 & ID5 for 2 days.  However, half of the data was missing.


I have a new replacement drive and have attempted to run a rebuild.  The RAID5 controller get's rebuilt, but stays on 0% when going to recover the logical drive.


Is there anything I can do?  The original drive still powers on, is there a way to temporarily get the data accessible in order to run a backup?


Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 641 RAID 5 Rebuild Pending


in what status is your raid5 array? in degraded mode? It should not have any data missing. Cold you collect logs form Smart array and post them here?