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Smart Array 641 question

Andrew Barnhart
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array 641 question


I have an ML350 G4 server with a SA641 RAID controller. Out of 6 HD slots, I'm currently using 4 in a RAID 5 configuration. Would it be possible for me to add 2 300GB drives, configure them in a RAID 1, then simply create a new logical drive in Windows Server Disk Mgr? I've done this before and made two separate RAID 5 configs, but never mixed RAID 1 and RAID 5 on the same controller.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Smart Array 641 question

Hi Andrew,

According to the specification for the server yes it is possible to add 2 x 300GB hdd's and configure Raid 1 and create a new logical drive.Please check quick specs from the link below

You can create a new array while the server is online using Array Configuration Utility.
Add two drives and then click on create new array select the two drives.
Once u have created the new array select the "unallocated space" and click on create a new logical drive and select the Raid type..very simple isn't it ?

If u have any doubts keep us informed.
All d best..
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Andrew Barnhart
Occasional Contributor

Re: Smart Array 641 question

Excellent, I'll give it a try. Thanks.
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Re: Smart Array 641 question

yes Andrew

don't worry about that you can mix different RAID level using the same controller just follow " Resolution Gauranteed" steps I mean it is the same process you followed to create the RAID 5 you have right now

just try to have the latest Array configuration utility and the firmware for the controller.

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