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Smart Array 642 Don't rebuild RAID 5

Manuel Romero Agudo
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Smart Array 642 Don't rebuild RAID 5

Hi Team, we have a problem with a Proliant ML 370 G3 with Smart Array 642 and 4 drives (72,8 GB. 10K ULTRA3 SCSI) in RAID 5 and only one logical unit.
Yesterday one disk crash and it was changed with another equal disk.
The problem is that the state of RAID 5 logical unit is pemanently "waiting for rebuild", and the performance is poor.

ML370 G3
Rom Bios: Compaq P28 09/15/2004

Smart Array 642
Rom Bios: 2.26

ACU version:

Thanks for your help and regards.
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Re: Smart Array 642 Don't rebuild RAID 5


This can happen when another disk in the raid set has a fault and the reconstruction of the new disk fails because of a read error on one of the other disks. The status of the logical drive is reported as "Ready for Rebuild" and never changes.

This can happen very early in the rebuild process or quite a time into it. The only way to find out if you have another suspect disk is to run the Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU) and create a report file (report.txt) from ADU.

This raw file can be fed into an analyser and the results will show if there is a problem with one of the other disks. The text file can also be viewed with notepad.

A bad disk may show a large number of "HARD READ", "ECC READ", "REMAPPED", "TIMEOUT" and "PREDICTED" errors compared with other disks.

Please run ADU and submit your report.txt file in your reply.