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Smart Array 6i RIS Dont Match Error

Greg Steer
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array 6i RIS Dont Match Error

I recently had a drive fail in a Server, with a RAID 1+0 Configuration. When I insert another driver of the same size and speed, it will not start to image it. The ACU says that the Array is running in a degraded state, and that there is another drive which is unassigned, but it wont let me assign it to that array.
When I run the Array Diagnostics, I get the following error

SLOT 0 Smart Array 6i Controller ERROR REPORT:

Logical drive 1 status = Interim recovery (volume functional, but not fault tolerant)
SCSI Port 1, drive ID 0 failed - REPLACE
Error occurred reading RIS copy from SCSI Port 1 Drive ID 0
SCSI Port 2 Drive ID 0 RIS copies within this drive do not match

Any help would be muchly appreciated. I have put the new drive into the same slot as the one that died.
Ryan Goff
Valued Contributor

Re: Smart Array 6i RIS Dont Match Error

It sounds like the array "thinks" the drive that you are trying to rebuild is on a different port than it should be. The reason why the replacement drive didn't rebuild is most likely because the array controller is not trying to look at that slot for a replacement. Normally when this happens it is because the array data has somehow become corrupted.

There is no easy way to fix this really other than to backup and recreate your raid array from scratch then restore from backup.

Before doing any of this though, make sure to run the latest Firmware CD on the system to update both drive firmware and the array controller firmware.
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 6i RIS Dont Match Error

Hi Greg,

That kind of error has been known to be caused by older firmware so update the Smart Array 6i as suggested.

There are fixes to prevent SCSI ID changes (and ports). See this history file for the 6i firmware where the latest version can also be downloaded.

Once updated you will know if things are OK as the drive should rebuild automatically when inserted.

Good luck.